Compile .py file to .exe for Windows

Py2exe is a freeware utility which will build an .exe from .py file(s)

To build an .exe under windows create a file for example which includes some py2exe attributes. The following example creates a HelloWorld.exe which prints the 'Hello World' greeting 25 times.

for i in range(25):
	print "Hello World " + str(i+1)

For this example I use which is as follows:

from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe

To build the exe run the setup with the option py2exe. py2exe

This will create a folder called dist (default), where you will find all files releated to executing hello.exe including any necessary DLL files. At this point you may using a Win installer like NullSoft installer NSIS to build an installer for the hello.exe.

Py2exe supports most modules, please refer to their home page for more options and examples.

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